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About Us

At GenHydro™ we are all about innovation in the hydrogen industry. Our focus is utilizing a reaction-based method for hydrogen production, with the goal of high yield at a groundbreaking low cost. We firmly believe that hydrogen is going to be part of the global solution for clean renewable energy, with our reactor systems paving the way for multiple industries to lower their emissions at a low cost.


Our mission is to produce low-cost emissions-free hydrogen, enabling a multiple industry transition to clean energy and production.


To create a world with clean and universally accessible energy.



At GenHydro™ our goal is to be a part of the global transition to emissions-free energy. What this means for us is using our technology to provide a means for existing industries to keep doing what they do best, while also moving towards emissions-free production.


In line with our commitment to being part of the global transition, we believe that the key for the future is going to be creating cross-industry partnerships. Our strategy for growth is much less about competition than it is about mutually beneficial relationships. 


We realize that hundreds of thousands of people work in the energy and fuel production industry. Our goal is not to be a disruptor to these workers and their communities, but to be a partner in helping their communities flourish, and ensuring that as the world transitions to clean energy, lives and livelihoods remain uninterrupted.