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Agriculture & Hydrogen

A major discovery that propelled agriculture forward in a world-altering way was the development of the Haber-Bosch system for ammonia production. Ammonia is a foundational ingredient for millions of tons of fertilizer used globally. With a chemical formula of NH3 ammonia is produced by combining nitrogen and hydrogen gas.

Currently, ammonia plants use a method known as SMR, or Steam Methane Reforming, in order to produce the hydrogen needed for ammonia production. This method however results in high carbon emissions.

The construction of a green ammonia plant costs over $900 million. Approximately 75% of this cost is associated with the electrolyzer for green hydrogen production.

With the GenHydro system, the full construction of a green ammonia plant would cost between $275 – $400 million, depending on the plant production capacity. This means that the construction of a green ammonia plant is comparable or even less than the cost for a plant that utilizes SMR.