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Commercial Vehicles  & Hydrogen

The commercial transportation and shipping industry has been investigating emissions reduction methods for some time and has already seen significant progress. 

Battery-powered electric semi-trucks have been developed, such as the Tesla Semi, but the limiting factor for these vehicles is the weight of the lithium batteries required in order for these trucks to travel long distances without needing to recharge. It is estimated that these trucks may lose up to 1 ton of weight capacity as a result of the weight of the batteries. By comparison, a fuel cell semi would only require about 20kg or 44lbs of hydrogen fuel to travel over 600 km or over 350 mi. 

A number of startup companies, such as Hyzon Motors, as well as major automobile manufacturers, such as Daimler AG, have begun manufacturing hydrogen-powered semi-trucks. These vehicles do not have the weight limitations that electric semis have, and could be refueled in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours of recharging time. 

At GenHydro, our goal is to provide low-cost hydrogen for commercial vehicles, so that the transition to hydrogen-powered commercial transportation does not become a costly endeavor.