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Celebrating two years of genhydro inc! 

Since our incorporation in March of 2021, GenHydro has set out to create a world with clean and universally accessible energy for the circular, low carbon economy. 

How We Started

GenHydro’s origin began as a hobby for Founder and CEO, Eric Schraud, roughly ten years ago when he first started researching scientific literature around hydrogen production and began trialing different approaches with numerous experiments. He ultimately arrived at the reactant-based approach with aluminum as the primary input in the reaction. He then consulted with engineering students to work on initial reactor concepts.

After formalizing GenHydro Inc., Dong Nguyen was brought onto the team as Chief Engineer of Research and Development. Two months later in May of 2021, GenHydro moved into its current headquarters in Lancaster, PA. With an official home and lab space, the GenHydro team was fast at work. The Gen 1 hydrogen reactor system was completed and initially operating at ambient conditions. After additional testing, the Gen 1 was upgraded to function combining aluminum powder solid fuel and high temperature steam.

In the fall of 2021, GenHydro’s second hydrogen reactor system was designed, fabricated and operational. Gen 2 was built to confirm critical scaling while operating at the pressure and temperature conditions of the GenHydro target commercial system. Gen 2 also has the ability to produce more than 15 times the amount of hydrogen as the Gen 1 reactor.

Where We Are Now

Over the course of the last year, GenHydro has more than tripled in size. Our team has grown from three employees to eleven in 2022; adding three engineers, four administrative positions, and a material scientist.

GenHydro’s technology has also seen incredible advancements through the fabrication of the commercial pilot system, GH-1 that began this past winter. The GH-1 reactor system was designed for full commercial scale at just 2.5m x 2m x 3m, that will produce enough thermal energy to power 70/homes per day from just one hour of operation. Currently, the GH-1 is undergoing routine testing and is near operation at our headquarters. Once testing is completed, the GH-1 is planned to use hydrogen to generate electricity to power neighboring businesses.


What’s Next? 

GenHydro currently has several projects in the pipeline with a number of well-known manufacturers in the United States and Europe, working to decarbonize their operations and help them achieve emissions reductions and energy efficiency goals. The way we see GenHydro’s future unfolding is by kickstarting the renewable energy revolution.

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