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GenHydro Presents at S&P Global Commodity Insights Hydrogen Markets Europe Conference

Last week, our President and CEO, Eric Schraud, presented our reaction-based hydrogen production technology at the 2022 S&P Global Insights Hydrogen Markets Europe Conference at the Novotel Amsterdam City in the Netherlands.

This event was part of a global series organized by S&P Global Commodity Insights with parallel events in the United States and Asia. Attendees included hydrogen producers, midstream natural gas companies, infrastructure investors, developers, electric power companies, regulators, and policymakers, among many others. The conference was held with the goal to answer two questions: can hydrogen ensure Europe’s energy independence, and, if it can, how can we grow the demand for hydrogen enabling global scale-up?


Hydrogen presentation
Eric Schraud, President & CEO of GenHydro

GenHydro presented on the topic of real-world hydrogen projects in the production and development space, discussing the future of reactant based green hydrogen production.

“Current methods of green hydrogen production have proven to be costly, and moving hydrogen is logistically difficult,” says Schraud. “GenHydro’s reactors can produce on demand hydrogen at a competitive cost, and without having to create a logistical network for moving hydrogen from production site to end user.”

GenHydro’s patented technology extracts energy from waste aluminum, utilizing a chemical reaction to produce zero-emissions hydrogen and energy. This method has the capability to move the reactant or “solid fuel” to produce hydrogen on-site, instead of shipping the hydrogen itself, while also co-producing clean energy.

“We have the potential to provide gigawatt levels of energy well ahead of 2030,” says Schraud. “Technologies like this are going to be vital to chipping away at emissions and helping us reach our climate change goals.”

GenHydro has multiple projects underway in the US and abroad that, when completed, will have a daily production capacity of 456MWh and 7.6 metric tons of hydrogen. This would be the equivalent of powering 15,320 homes and fueling a fleet of nearly 70 class 8 hydrogen fuel cell trucks. When compared to fossil fuel sources, these projects would mean a CO2 offset of 248 tons per day, or a reduction of over 90,000 tons of CO2 a year.

GenHydro is looking for new partners who are ready to decarbonize and seeking to expand its national and international presence across multiple sectors including mobility, agriculture, manufacturing, natural gas and concrete.

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