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Celebrating national Hydrogen and fuel cell day

Happy National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day! To recognize the importance of this day, we have compiled some of our favorite facts about the history of hydrogen and fuel cells to raise awareness about their role in industry developments towards a clean energy future.


  • October 8th is celebrated as National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day in recognition of hydrogen’s atomic weight, 1.008!
  • Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, making up approximately 75% of all matter
    • 10% of all living organisms’ weight is hydrogen! Our bodies’ weight is primarily water, where hydrogen is most commonly found. Hydrogen has many roles in helping our bodies like transporting nutrients and regulating internal temperature.1
  • Hydrogen is the only molecule without neutrons
    • Although the most abundant, it is the simplest of all molecules. Hydrogen only has two protons and two electrons; therefore, it is not part of any family on the periodic table.
  • In 1671, hydrogen was first ‘discovered’ by Robert Boyle while experimenting with iron and acids
    • It was not for nearly another 100 years that it was recognized as its own element by Henry Cavendish.3
  • Hydrogen production comes in multiple different colors
    • The color-coded scale of hydrogen processing is determined by how it is produced and how clean it is to the earth.
    • Take our quiz to see what color hydrogen you are based on your daily sustainability habits!
  • In the United States, there are over 15,000 hydrogen-powered vehicles currently on the road
    • By 2030, the hydrogen fuel cell market size is expected to reach $80.48 billion, surpassing a 21% CAGR from 2018 to 2030.2
  • There is no shortage of potential users for green hydrogen in energy and transportation, but there is a lack of access to green hydrogen sources
    • At GenHydro, we see our technology as a solution to the green hydrogen supply issue. Our decentralized approach is aimed at developing a network of available green hydrogen for fueling stations and conversion to other useful forms of clean energy.

This year marks the 8th year since October 8th was formally designated as National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day. The hydrogen industry has expanded immensely since 2014 and is continuing at a rapid pace to reach net-zero carbon emission goals. GenHydro is ready to be part of the global solution for clean renewable energy.


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