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Hydrogen. Heat. Electricity.

All from one technology.

On-site, renewable energy power plants that run on scrap aluminum.

The first of its kind. A micro-power plant that produces non-stop renewable hydrogen in addition to electrical and thermal energy generation. We’re bringing emissions-free energy independence to the industries that need it most.

A breakthrough in decentralized renewable hydrogen and energy.

How it works.

Aluminum ball

Step 1

Aluminum scrap is processed and readied for the GenHydro reactor.

Aluminum ball with steam

Step 2

Once in the reactor, the aluminum takes the oxygen from H2O, beginning to free the hydrogen gas.

Step 3

As the reaction continues, the aluminum breaks down into microscopic aluminum oxide particles

Step 4

Fully reacted aluminum results in an output of hydrogen gas, high-temperature steam, and very fine aluminum oxide

From chemistry to commercial.

How we have come closer than ever to deploying a game-changing technology.

A One of A Kind Technology

We believe the reactor system developed by GenHydro is the most advanced of its kind, capable of delivering more than the competition. We plan to commission our first on-site commercial systems in late 2024 and have projects in the development phase into 2025 and beyond.

A One of A Kind Team

The leadership and engineering team at GenHydro is truly one of a kind. Our engineering team has extensive experience in industry, academic, and research environments, meaning they have the know-how to develop, engineer, and build the GenHydro system to meet our client’s needs in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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