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Economical On-Demand Green Hydrogen is Here

The future of clean, sustainable energy has made its way to present day. The idea of affordable and scalable Green Hydrogen energy technology is no longer just an idea. GenHydro’s reactant based hydrogen production systems are ready for commercialization.


What is green hydrogen technology?

Green Hydrogen is produced by separating hydrogen from water. It is the cleanest form of hydrogen production resulting in zero carbon emissions. Electrolysis does this by running an electrical current through water. GenHydro’s technology makes use of the stored energy within highly reactive metals, which bond to the oxygen in H₂O, releasing the hydrogen gas. This approach also has zero emissions, and some added benefits such as emitting large amount of heat that can be used for other energy needs. High levels of electricity input are also not required, so there’s no need to add on a lot of solar and wind.


Why do we need it?

The need for Hydrogen has been on a steady increase growing by 50% in the last 20 years. In 2020, the demand reached 90 million tons. The vast majority of hydrogen today is produced using natural gas. This is a major issue for climate change, because for every ton of hydrogen produced almost 9 tons of CO2 gets released into the atmosphere. This means that 800 million tons of CO2 were emitted from hydrogen production in 2020. 


The primary hydrogen consumers live in the industrial sector, refineries being the most direct user. Refineries rely on hydrogen to meet global requirements to lower the sulfur content in diesel fuel. The future of hydrogen is going to be heavily shaped by demands from production processes across all industries.  

Green Hydrogen is available for all industries striving to decarbonize their assembly processes and conserve energy. With large production facilities, there is great opportunity to provide enough hydrogen for ammonia-methanol plants, natural gas pipelines, commercial fueling stations, steel and cement manufacturers and more. 

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