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What color hydrogen are you?

Interested to see how you rank in terms of sustainability? Check out our quiz to see what color Hydrogen you are.

Wait, what do you mean Hydrogen is different colors? 

In the industry, Hydrogen is known by specific colors based on the way they are produced and how clean they are to the earth. When Hydrogen is burned it emits water (which isn’t a bad thing), but it can also be carbon intensive. Technology has been advancing to lessen the impact Hydrogen production has on the environment, and scientists have scaled their efforts by color:

Gray =

  • Currently the most common form,
  • Created from methane and natural gases through “steam reforming”
  • Resulting in almost 9 tons of CO2 for every 1 ton of hydrogen

Blue =

  • Still a natural gas process
  • Majority of carbon is being captured and stored
  • This process is known as CCUS (carbon capture utilization and storage) and the carbon dioxide is then stored underground
  • Cleaner but not renewable

Green = 

  • Produced by separating hydrogen from water
  • ZERO emissions!
  • At GenHydro, our reactant approach also captures the heat produced and is used to cogenerate renewable electricity

To find out what color hydrogen you are, take GenHydro’s quiz based on your daily sustainability habits: What Color Hydrogen Are You? (buzzfeed.com)

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